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DESKO micro OCR®

The OEM solution for flexible installation

Perfect for anyone who needs an individual, flexible OEM solution for reading passports, ID cards and other travel documents: Our intelligent DESKO micro OCR® can also be integrated into your swipe reader. The compact module consists of an OCR camera (Optical Character Recognition) for optical character recognition, a circuit board and a connection cable. Installed in the swipe slot of a swipe reader, the module rapidly captures the personal data stored in the machine-readable zone (MRZ) of the ID documents. As the core and “eye” of every swipe reader, the micro OCR delivers impressively high quality, powerful efficiency and optimal flexibility.

DESKO micro OCR®

Impressive flexibility

for capturing ID data

Thanks to its handy size, similar to the size of a quarter, it can be easily integrated into any swipe reader to read the machine-readable zone.

The OCR camera records the data from the machine-readable zone of the ID document. This makes our OEM module ideal for general data capture along with visitor registration, visitor management and lots more.

DESKO micro OCR®

Efficient data transfer thanks to high-contrast camera

Despite its extremely compact size, the micro OCR features a powerful, fast camera. Using infrared light, the camera generates a particularly high-contrast black-and-white image of the ID’s MRZ. The lettering is emphasized visually while the background nearly disappears. The image is transferred to your software, which then reads in and analyzes the data.

DESKO micro OCR®

A key component of your device solution: our micro OCR integration package

For easy integration and application, our micro OCR set includes everything you need for successful integration.

Feel free to ask us how we can support your project.

The advantages for you at a glance

  • Camera module for integration/installation in small device solutions
  • Powerful OCR camera for reliable data transfer by recording the MRZ of IDs, passports and other documents
  • Extremely compact construction
  • Very low energy consumption thanks to various individually selectable power-saving modes
  • Reliable support with police controls, visitor management and lots more
  • Driver available for Windows and ANDROID™
  • Excellent compatibility with a variety of software solutions
  • Complete integration package including technical support
DESKO mirco OCR®



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DESKO micro OCR<sup>®</sup>

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