From Germany to the entire world

Since the foundation of DESKO in 1991, the company has grown considerably.
Find out about the most important milestones in the company’s history here.


Bayreuth-based DESKO GmbH is founded by Werner Zahn and his partner Bruno Geyer in Creußen, Upper Franconia. The name DESKO is an acronym of the terms Daten – Eingabe - Systeme and Konzepte.


DESKO's success story starts with the introduction of innovative data security solutions based on magnetic stripe cards.


Product launch of innovative keyboards with integrated magnetic stripe readers for the banking sector.


Expansion of the company and relocation to the company's own, newly built premises on Bayreuth's "Technology Hill" in Wolfsbach.


DESKO goes international: innovative product solutions conquer the global flight and travel sector.


Expansion of the product range: introduction of the first DESKO passport scanner based on Optical Character Recognition.


DESKO launches its own system for payment transactions.


The first innovative full-page scanner is developed. It is able to create an image of the complete page of an ID document under different light sources.


Due to the continued growth of the company, the sister company DESKO LC was founded in Florida, USA.


Barcodes are gradually replacing magnetic stripes on airline tickets, leading to the development and product launch of innovative boarding gate readers based on highly efficient barcode technology.


DESKO becomes a technology pioneer and partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for innovative barcode technology.


Introduction of the DESKO PENTA Scanner®. The modular, expandable full-page scanner platform can be used in a wide range of applications, from airline/airport operations to border control.


Due to the continued success of the company, the sister company DESKO Pte. Ltd. is founded in Singapore.


Change in management: DESKO co-founder Bruno Geyer leaves the company and Alexander Zahn is appointed as the new Managing Director.


The company building in Bayreuth is modernized and expanded to a total of 2000 sqm.


Product launch of a new generation of DESKO swipe readers: the water and dust-protected NEPTUN chrom keyboard with integrated reading slot.


Product launch of the ID Analyze software, DESKO's own application for analysing and checking ID documents and driver´s licences.


Product launch of the DESKO ID-1 GO® scanner for the detailed inspection of ID documents in credit card format.


A new generation of the DESKO PENTA scanner family enters the market: the PENTA Scanner 4X raises ID card verification to a new level of security.


Change in company management: Alexander Zahn is dismissed as Managing Director. Company founder and owner Werner Zahn takes over as sole Managing Director.

Currently, DESKO is a leading manufacturer of solutions for:

  • Travel
  • Security & Public Institutions
  • Self service
  • Banking
  • Hospitality

DESKO cooperates with leading research institutions and universities in Germany on the subject of optoelectronics and image processing. DESKO adopts and refines the basic developments and results of its cooperation partners and then incorporates them into a wide variety of DESKO applications and solutions.


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Company History