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Suitable DESKO Scanner Solutions for Data Collection and Document Verification

Efficient, fast solutions, maximum security and professional service are paramount in the travel and cargo industries. To this end, DESKO provides customized scanner solutions for airports, passenger and cargo shipping, as well as bus and transportation companies. The major players in the industry rely on our scanners, which lead the world market in the airport/airline sector. Leading specialists in airport technical infrastructure worldwide consult us in the planning phase of complex airport projects. That is why DESKO ID scanners can be found at almost every airport around the world. With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, we are a reliable partner in the airline/airport sector and assist with technical solutions in the complete passenger journey from check-in to boarding. We satisfy existing and new customers with our expertise in security-relevant processes, in-depth knowledge of airport hardware and software infrastructure, and an established network of experts. Flexible DESKO products for authentication and data collection of all kinds of ID documents provide you with reliable and user-friendly solutions “Made in Germany”.

In light of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, the entire travel and transportation industry is facing enormous challenges. The safety and health of passengers and employees have the highest priority. We support all stakeholders with our solutions to ensure a passenger journey that is as contactless as possible. Disinfectable devices, antimicrobial coatings on the scan window, non-contact scanning in certain applications—ask us about solutions that will help you regain passenger confidence.

DESKO Solutions for Travel and Cargo

Would you like to make the boarding process as simple and time-saving as possible for your passengers, for example with a self-service solution that allows passengers to scan their tickets themselves? Are you looking for a convenient solution for fast boarding control at the entrance to your passenger terminal? Do you want to ensure that the truck drivers at your transport company can register conveniently before each trip? We offer customized security applications to provide you and your customers with efficient and high-quality service. Our tried-and-tested DESKO devices are based on the very latest technologies. They optimize many processes at the counter, in the entrance area, at baggage drop-off and in other service and control areas. This enables us to support key players in all areas of the freight and travel industry, such as:

  • airlines & airports
  • passenger shipping & cargo shipping
  • rail transport
  • bus companies
  • transport companies & freight forwarders

Barcode Scanners, Card Readers and More

with innovative equipment

Applications from simply reading of data via optical capture to complete authentication and further processing of the data. With our versatile product portfolio, we can respond flexibly to your individual requirements, for example, with barcode scanners, swipe readers, full-page scanners or smart software solutions for verifying ID documents. Our products feature innovative technologies such as:

OCR camera

for optical character recognition in the machine-readable zone (MRZ), such as on passports and other travel documents and identity cards

Barcode Scanners

for paper and displays (such as barcodes on smartphones or tablets), for example on boarding passes and tickets

Magnetic Strip Readers

for cards with magnetic strips, such as frequent flyer cards, as well as bank and credit cards

RFID Modules

(Radio Frequency Identification) for reading biometric passports

NFC Modules

(Near Field Communication) for wireless connection between the reader and cell phones, transponders or employee cards, for example

From stationary self-service solutions to the classic built-in product

Our Product Portfolio

Choose a product that meets your requirements, but also fits your space. You will find mobile and stationary devices for desktop use as well as for integration into your existing structures.

Airlines & Airports

Our products optimize many processes at the airport, including fast check-in, smooth baggage handling, and secure access control for travelers and employees. We can provide you with the perfect solution for the entire passenger journey, from simple scanning of barcodes on boarding passes to full-page scanners for reliable ID document verification:

  • Desktop solutions with OCR technology for optical character recognition and magnetic strip readers (MSR) as well as laser scanners and barcode scanners for
    • the check-in desk
    • the security check
    • the lounge and duty free area
    • boarding
  • Self-service solutions with OCR technology for optical character recognition and barcode scanners for
    • the check-in kiosk
    • independent baggage check-in
    • e-gates for security and boarding

Passenger Boat Travel

Passengers expect fast and safe boarding on cruise ships and ferries. Keep your guests happy by using our reliable scanners. For example, they can register the names of the guests directly when boarding, helping you to match them with the boarding list. Ask us about the advantages of our

  • desktop and
  • self-service solutions

Cargo Shipping

Avoid theft and fraud at the container port by controlling access. The ID documents of persons who are authorized to access the facility are checked using our DESKO scanners. Options in this area are

  • desktop units and
  • self-service solutions

Transport Companies

Counterfeit truck driver’s licenses put people and cargo at risk. Regular drivers’ license checks are therefore essential for freight forwarders and carriers. In the event of inspections or accidents, companies face heavy penalties.

Our comprehensive solution DESKO ID|Analyze® offers a reliable product to prevent this. The combination of full-page ID scanner and authentication software quickly identifies tampered or forged truck driver’s licenses. This helps you to protect yourself and your company.

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