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Protection and Security with Reliable DESKO Devices

High-quality, fast service at the reception area and correct data collection are just as important as reliable visitor registration in hospitals, medical practices, and care facilities. DESKO products support you in meeting these requirements in the healthcare and nursing industry. We make your everyday work easier with innovative desktop and self-service solutions and accelerate and improve workflow processes when interacting with your patients and visitors.

Flexible Industry Solutions

for convenient data collection

Patients come to your healthcare facility every day, whether this is a medical office or a clinic. The registration procedure at the reception desk differs depending on whether they are already registered in your patient files or if this is their first visit to your office or clinic:

Previously Registered Patients

Your regular patients only need to present their electronic health card for registration.

New Patients

Individuals who are visiting you for the first time have to present their health card. In addition, they usually fill out a registration form with all important personal data.

Whether for new or familiar patients, it is important to record the data correctly. DESKO products make this data collection process easier for you. The scanners and card readers read the data from the health card or ID card and can transfer the collected data to your software for further processing.

One key advantage: Personal data can be transferred to patient records or registration forms in a matter of seconds without any spelling mistakes or transposed letters and numbers. This not only ensures maximum data accuracy, but also replaces manual typing and photocopying of documents. This will save you time and paper!

Secure DESKO Products for Access Control and Visitor Registration

Hospitals and care facilities welcome not only patients or residents, but also their guests: after all, they are usually public facilities. Nevertheless, controlled visitor registration is useful. Strict access control is even recommended in certain “critical” areas. It is important to protect patients or residents and staff in recovery facilities and nursing homes as well as specialty clinics and rehabilitation clinics. Make sure that only authorized visitors can access the facility.

Visitor Regulation to Prevent Infections

To contain the spread of pandemics and protect the elderly from diseases such as SARS-CoV-2, some nursing homes and homes for the elderly have severe restrictions on visitors. DESKO products help you meet the challenges of the pandemic. Our readers allow you to optimize and simplify access regulations and control processes:

  • record visitor numbers and times digitally
  • collect and save contact data 
  • maintain visitor lists

User-Friendly, Fast and Reliable - Our Desktop Solutions

Decide which DESKO product meets your needs for secure data capture and identification. Our industry-specific solutions range from scanners and magnetic card readers to multifunctional devices such as the DESKO NEPTUN chrom®, a keyboard with an integrated reader unit. This keyboard is ideal for the healthcare industry: in addition to its innovative features, it boasts an IP54 certification. This means it is protected against water and dust. Especially in clinics and medical offices where disinfection is frequent, a water-protected keyboard proves to be extremely advantageous.

All of our DESKO devices are compatible with various software applications that enable fast and thorough data collection and analysis. This simplifies your daily challenges at the workplace, including accelerated registration processes at the reception desk, smooth data transfer to patient files and referral forms, as well as digital analysis of visitor numbers. Our innovative DESKO solutions make your work easier and provide better service for your patients and visitors.

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Product Overview

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Healthcare & Nursing