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Functional Verification Equipment for Customer Identification

If your business is car or truck rental, chartering, or motorcycle or bicycle rental, you rent out valuable tangible assets to your customers for a specific period of time. Therefore, to protect your business from fraud and loss, it is advisable to establish your customer’s identity. There are multiple benefits for you with DESKO solutions for checking ID documents and driver’s licenses: You identify the customer based a valid identification document, transfer the recorded data directly to your in-house software for contract creation, and ensure that your customer is authorized to drive the desired vehicle. Our powerful scanners and readers help you to authenticate documents, protecting you from identity fraud and theft.

Reliable Industry Solutions

for all types of rentals

As a vehicle renter, you are an experienced fleet operator who guarantees mobility for customers in the right place at the right time. You maintain infrastructure and personnel in order to optimally meet customer requirements. This applies for any other reputable rental company managing valuable goods. Secure your company’s capital with precise and traceable processes for recording and documenting customer data. Our hardware and software solutions support you in the authentication and data capture of ID documents and thus offer added security for

  • car rentals
  • charter providers of motor boats, sailing boats, etc.
  • motorcycle and bicycle rental
  • e-scooter rental
  • jewelers with jewelry rental
  • rentals of other tangible assets
  • car dealerships and two-wheeler dealers offering test rides

Authentic or not authentic?

Identity Card Readers for Authentication

In most countries, there are legal principles governing the conclusion of rental agreements. As a rule, it is necessary to present a driver’s license, identity card or passport valid in the country where the vehicle is rented.

Even to the trained eye, it is difficult to examine this type of document in detail. As a rental company, you are taking a high risk, because the ID card presented to you is your only security. Arm yourself against theft and protect yourself in the event of damages. Stay on the safe side with our proven ID card readers. The scanners and readers reliably check the identity card presented for all security features and provide you with information on any anomalies in the document.

Ensuring Greater Security with Innovative Technologies

Whether you’re a car rental company, a charterer of expensive luxury yachts, or a car dealership that offers free test drives to its customers, protect yourself from identity fraud. Our devices, in combination with the appropriate authentication software, meet all requirements for secure verification of ID cards, driver's licenses, and other documents. They provide fast and reliable customer identification before the customer receives the keys from you.

Depending on the product and equipment, DESKO products support you with various functions and thus optimize your work processes:


The scanners and swipe readers capture data from the machine-readable zone (MRZ) or the integrated chip in documents or cards, for example, using proven technologies such as OCR (optical character recognition), RFID (radio frequency identification) or NFC (near field communication).


Defined information, such as the age of the ID card holder or the validity period of the document, is displayed in conjunction with the corresponding software.


A complete authentication check is performed based on the specific security features of each ID document using our equipment in conjunction with specialized software.


You can save all verification results, scans of the ID card and analyses on your PC, tablet or laptop.

Data Usage

Benefit from convenient options for further processing. The scanned personal data can be automatically transferred to your contract forms, for example, via file exchange formats and connection to your in-house software.

Trendsetting Solutions

customized for your processes

Our products not only feature innovative functions and high-quality equipment, but also a wide range of application and installation options. Our versatile product portfolio enables us to respond flexibly to a wide range of customer requirements, whether a practical desktop solution or a built-in device for integration into a convenient self-service solution. Do you want a compact desktop unit for your counter? A scanner that can be built into your reception desk? We will be happy to advise you to find the right solution.

All Advantages

of Our Industry Solutions for Rentals

  • More Security

    Our scanners help you protect your property and assets.

  • More Time Saved

    DESKO products spare you the tedious process of typing all relevant data as well as photocopying papers.

  • More Precision

    Typing errors that occur because of the high error rate during manual data entry are eliminated, as well as problems with handwriting recognition.

  • Enhanced Service

    Your customers will obtain the rental item faster because electronic verification and automatic filling in of contracts saves time.

  • Less Fraud

    Electronic verification with the help of our devices reveals possible document misuse and thus protects you from theft.

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Product Overview

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