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Responsible DESKO Solutions for Legally Required Controls

In the gambling sector, security and access controls are part of the legally required standard. Casinos and gambling halls as well as lotteries and sports betting venues are required to screen their customers. Depending on the application, this would include anything from age verification based on laws for the protection of minors, or comparison with blacklists for enhanced player protection. Our innovative DESKO industry solutions will help you to comply with these regulations responsibly. Benefit from our flexible security applications: Our scanners, swipe readers and software solutions for authentication, age verification and data transfer meet the highest security standards and simplify your work processes.

Reliable Applications for the Gambling Industry

From Casinos to Slot Machines

In search of a low-effort way to ensure that only players of legal age place sports bets or buy lottery tickets from you? Need maximum assurance that the ID presented to you is not a forgery? Would you like to improve your service and recognize a VIP player immediately upon entering your casino? Or you are a reputable operator of multiple slot machines who needs to guarantee the legally required player protection and protection of minors? Our proven DESKO devices for authentication and age verification are ideal for

Sports betting sites

Gambling halls and casinos

Lotteries and lottery retailers

Maximum Flexibility with High User-Friendliness

Depending on your security concept, spatial conditions and your needs, decide which of our applications can be effectively implemented in your company. Are you looking for a desktop solution for your reception area? Do you prefer a scanner that can be installed as a built-in version? Or you would like a self-service option so that players can register themselves on the slot machine? Our wide product range is distinguished by optimal flexibility. In addition, our products are multifunctional. Depending on the model and equipment, our scanners and card readers read, verify, and analyze data from documents such as ID cards, passports or player cards. If required and in combination with the appropriate software application, data can be stored in compliance with data protection regulations in a matter of seconds and without long waiting times for your customers. As a result, these devices allow you to provide service and comfort to your guests. In addition, our products accelerate and facilitate the entire workflow for you and your employees.

State-of-the-Art Technologies

with innovative features

Our devices and software solutions cover all requirements for responsible security and access control. Depending on the device, these innovative functions are just some of the many impressive features they offer:

  • Age Verification

    The legal age of your customers is verified. You comply with the law for the protection of minors.

  • Player Blocking System

    The scanned data is automatically compared with your company’s internal blocking file, PEP lists, and the national player blocking system (“OASIS” in Germany). Player suspensions serve, among other things, to protect players and combat gambling addiction. It is mandatory for gambling providers to use this system.

  • Data Transmission

    You can use the collected data to easily register a new guest, issue a player card or automatically transfer the data to forms.

  • Image Usage

    The authentication image created by the integrated device camera can be edited, cropped and rotated for direct insertion on the player card or membership card.

Customized Solutions for Every Area

Are you the operator of a casino, a gambling hall or a sports betting venue and need a reliable scanner for your reception desk? Age verification, matching with blacklists for better protection of gambling addicts, use of membership cards as well as the possibility of self-service are probably some of your requirements for DESKO products. On the other hand, restaurants that operate slot machines in their establishments have other priorities, because there is no need for access control at the entrance. Accordingly, you need a reputable system that can handle independent registration and age verification directly at the machine while also ensuring that each player only plays at their assigned machine.

Our wide range of products lets you tailor the device to your individual requirements, legally mandated gambling regulations, and your internal rules. Depending on the application, we will equip your devices with the following functions:

OCR camera

for optical character recognition in the machine-readable zone (MRZ), such as on ID cards and credit cards

Magnetic Strip Readers

for cards with a magnetic strip, such as bank and credit cards

RFID Modules

(Radio Frequency Identification) for reading chip cards, player cards, and membership cards

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Product Overview

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