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Identity Verification

Electronic Verification of Documents

Is the ID card in front of you authentic? Counterfeit IDs are often hard to distinguish from genuine IDs, even for the trained eye. To be on the safe side, identity verification is essential in many industries to check the authenticity of ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses and more. At DESKO, we offer proven solutions for identity verification. DESKO scanners are available either for desktop use or for installation, for example in self-service or kiosk solutions. Flexible, reliable, and fast—our innovative document verification devices deliver the latest technology and the highest security standards.

Document Verification

fast and secure

Whether at government offices, banks, licensing offices, police checkpoints or at the airport—many areas require proof of identification. With products from DESKO, you and your employees can verify identification in a matter of seconds and establish whether the submitted ID card is a forgery or authentic. This efficiently and reliably prevents fraud and facilitates your control. Our devices can inspect both national and international ID cards. To accomplish this, the relevant documents are scanned. Our verification devices create high-resolution images using various light sources, such as visible light, UV light, and infrared light. Images are automatically optimized to better detect security features and tampering. The recorded data is also scanned since, depending on the model and equipment variant, these special devices feature

Various light sources

By default, the device is equipped to work with visible light and infrared light. The optional UV light source enables reliable and complete authentication of the ID by revealing the document’s “hidden” security features.

OCR Cameras

for optical character recognition in machine-readable zones, such as on passports, ID cards, and credit cards.

Barcode Scanners

for paper and displays, such as on boarding passes and admission tickets.

Magnetic Strip Readers

for cards with magnetic strips, such as frequent flyer cards, as well as bank and credit cards.

RFID Modules

(Radio Frequency Identification) for reading biometric passports and smart cards.

NFC Modules

(Near Field Communication), for example for reading employee cards.

scan, read, verify, and authenticate

using the latest technology

But how exactly do these document verification devices work? Once the documents are scanned and read, they can then be transferred to a computer. By connecting to authentication software, the scanning results are displayed on your screen. You can use our software, for example, DESKO ID|Analyze® or our partners’ software. This means you are not bound to any software manufacturer. The software displays the scanned images and extracted data. Anomalies are identified depending on the software, supplemented and displayed instantly. This eliminates waiting times for your employees and for the document holder. After the security check, the analysis results and files are available for further processing and data transfer.

Secure Verification

in different fields of application

Our identity verification products are used in many industries. We are here to support you wherever security checks and authentication of identity documents are required:

Banks and Credit Institutions

Identity fraud and money laundering are high risks in the banking industry . With our identification verification devices, financial service providers can enhance their security controls to the highest degree. Check your customers’ IDs before opening bank accounts, for large transactions, contract management, other money transactions, and financing.

Public Authorities

Whether registration offices, passport offices, job centers, immigration authorities or other offices —you can capture national and international ID documents and check their authenticity with our document scanners.

Male and female police officer standing in front of police car.


Establishing identity by means of identification documents is part of everyday police work. The police may need to ascertain personal information concerning a particular person, such as first name, surname or maiden name, place and date of birth, marital status, occupation, place of residence, home address, and citizenship. In addition, the police are authorized to check the authenticity and validity of the identity documents in order to establish a person’s identity. For visual inspection, civil servants rely on extensive knowledge of international documents. DESKO’s document verification devices are often additionally used in order to substantiate an existing suspicion and to obtain indications of manipulated or forged documents.


Reliable ID checks without long waiting times—accelerate processes from check-in to boarding and increase security standards with proven DESKO identity verification products.


Notaries are required to perform a professional visual inspection of all documents submitted. Reliable electronic identification is recommended to prevent fraud.

Tax Refunds

Tax refunds are sometimes complicated and subject to strict regulations. Make it easier for your customers to get tax refunds and improve their shopping experience. By verifying the authenticity of ID cards at the moment of purchase, you ensure that the customer is authorized to make tax-free purchases. Moreover, you can transfer all the necessary data to your in-house software in a matter of seconds, effortlessly and without errors.

Woman with hand luggage in airport shopping mall.


Whether for car rentals, charters, or rentals of other material assets, which can often be expensive—make sure your property is returned to you after the rental period. Stay on the safe side with a verified ID card.

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