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Electronic Access Control with DESKO Scanners

intelligent, fast, and secure

Intelligent access control combines maximum security with maximum efficiency. At DESKO, we offer flexible solutions for reliable access control, whether for companies, public institutions or events. Do you want to optimize access to specific areas in your building? Do you want to avoid long lines at the entrance? Or are you looking for a simple access regulation solution to provide more security? Our versatile scanners and readers for access control will support you with advanced technologies that offer durability, functionality, and optimal ease of use. At DESKO, we aim to offer you customer product solutions “Made in Germany”.

Data Collection Method

Barcode, NFC and Magnetic Strip

With our DESKO scanners and readers, you can protect individual rooms or entire buildings and areas against unauthorized access. Unlike identity checks, access control focuses purely on data collection rather than on checking identification documents. Our access control products support different reading methods:


Classic access control mostly involves reading or scanning barcodes, for example on

  • admission tickets
  • tickets
  • employee ID cards
  • boarding passes
  • and much more.

Many of our DESKO devices can read 1D and 2D barcodes printed on paper or displayed on a smartphone, tablet PC or smart watch.


Moreover, many of our access control products feature NFC (Near Field Communication) modules. This guarantees that these devices capture data from

  • transponders and
  • cards with contactless chips

as well.

Magnetic Strips

To read data from magnetic strip cards, we recommend our tried-and-tested DESKO devices with magnetic strip reader. These devices collect data from service and customer cards, as well as from credit cards and bank cards, for example.

Reliable and Flexible Access Control

in many industries

Wherever access authorization and smooth, fast processes are required, you are well advised to use our integrable access control solutions. The devices capture the desired data, provide immediate feedback depending on the connection and either allow or deny access accordingly.

Two young women with luggage and passport in hand at the airport.


Fast check-in, an efficient baggage check-in process, or controlled access for travelers and employees—there are many possible applications for scanners and readers in access control, especially at airports. Reliable scanning of ID documents and boarding passes is essential due to strict security requirements at airports. In addition, secure areas at airports that are only accessible to authorized personnel can be reliably protected with electronic access controls.


A sophisticated security concept is a top priority in ports, whether for secure goods traffic at container ports or for access and baggage controls at cruise terminals. Our scanners provide support for electronic access control systems, especially at passenger terminals for cruise ships. The result: significantly faster processes and shorter lines. The system also helps to verify who has already checked in and who is still on shore.


Do you want to control who has access to your building or specific areas of your company? With our versatile scanners and card readers, you determine who is able to access your premises and thus potentially access sensitive or internal company data. Equip your employees with user-friendly transponder or magnetic strip cards. These are detected by our scanners and readers when placed on the device or swiped. DESKO devices can be integrated into your entrance area either for desktop use or installation.

Events and Cultural Institutions

Are you looking to reduce waiting times at the entrance to your museum, concert hall or sports stadium? Our solutions for electronic access control will remedy the situation, allowing you to check tickets easily in a matter of seconds. In this way, visitor flows can be effectively controlled and waiting times are efficiently reduced.

Woman at self-check-in using a code on her smartphone.

Public Institutions

Whether schools, libraries, universities or public authorities: even public institutions sometimes need to regulate access. Do you want to ensure that only authorized individuals can access your school or daycare center? Or do you want to keep track of exactly who or how many visitors are in the building? Using our devices, you can control access to public institutions with ease and flexibility. Do you want even more security? Then you should find out more about our products for identity verification and personal data collection.

Group of young people at an art museum.

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