“No chance for Corona inspectors to detect vaccination certificate forgers. Nevertheless, this could be changed very easily.“

Interview with profiler Peter Hessel

For some time now, 3G, 2G or 2G+ access control is part of our everyday life. In Germany, these abbreviations mean “vaccinated, recovered, tested“ while abroad it is called “Corona-compliant access control.”

Not only the name of the process is somehow cumbersome, also the correct realization of the checks has its pitfalls. Only those who actually know how to detect forged vaccination certificates and ID cards, can ensure a safe access. ID card? What does the ID card have to do with the vaccination certificate? Quite simple: it is not only the vaccination certificate itself that needs to be checked but also whether the personal data on the vaccination certificate match the data on the ID card. This step is called “validation.“

Let´s have a detailed look at both steps and talk to Peter Hessel on the matter. He is chief inspector and “Diplom-Verwaltungswirt“ at the Hessen Police, working at the police headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

As Head of Central Investigations in the Special Services Directorate he was responsible for the Hessen Police´s conception for combating document crime. He is a trained document adviser and inspector, leader of the document inspection authority of the police department in Frankfurt a. M., a longtime and experienced seminar lecturer – in short: a profiler who provides concrete ideas for the correct verification and validation of vaccination certificates.

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Interview with profiler Peter Hessel