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DESKO and MELOS introduce the first mobile, fully digital coronavirus testing station

Mobile Covid-19 testing stations +++ Two leading Bavarian innovators pool their expertise +++ Tried-and-tested digital solution including hardware and software

Joining forces against Covid

Given the growing number of cases worldwide and a second wave of lockdowns across Europe, the two leading innovators DESKO (Bayreuth) and MELOS (Gessertshausen) have introduced a joint solution in the fight against coronavirus. These mobile Covid-19 testing stations offer the capacity for testing up to 250,000 individuals per day while organizing all processes securely and digitally.

“With this joint solution, we want to enable fast, regular tests and quick and smooth tracing”, says MELOS managing director Andreas Manntz. Breakdowns and errors in data transmission were a recurring problem over the past several months during testing at railway stations, airports and public institutions. This increased the spread of the virus as well as the feeling of insecurity among citizens and employees.

Already proven in practice 

DESKO and MELOS first crossed paths when setting up mobile test stations for one of the largest employers in Germany. They both quickly became convinced that a joint solution was the right approach: DESKO is the world market leader for ID and ticket scanners at airports, MELOS is a leading innovator in the field of laboratory software. “Together, we can provide an end-to-end digital process for states and communities to ensure faster, better and safer organization of testing and tracing”, affirms Alexander Zahn, CEO of DESKO. The smooth, tried-and-tested interplay of hardware and software from these two service providers makes it possible to deliver and manage not only tests, data capture and transmission, but also data protection and capacity for high volumes.

Critical phase 

The recent sharp increase in new infections and the impending flu season demonstrate that the course of the coronavirus pandemic is far from under control, and increased reliance on mobile test stations is now required in order to deliver the necessary on-site testing capacities where they are needed.

A comprehensive solution that really works 

Thanks to the collaboration between MELOS, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of laboratory software and IT workflows, and the expertise offered by DESKO, it is now possible to produce mobile testing stations that can be scaled to any company size. The package includes hardware and software, is ready for immediate use and delivers results within 24 hours for PCR lab tests. The solution can also be used for quick tests.

Fully digital from A-Z 

From the collection of personal data and the shipment of samples to the lab down to returning the results to the patient, the entire testing process is a self-contained system. This begins before the actual test: On the website www.corona-auftrag.de , patients can reserve an appointment at a testing center of their choice. To ensure mobility, the test results can also be released for communication to standard booking systems (e.g. Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn, etc.). Payment systems are also integrated. "Integrating our ID scanner into the MELOS solution is an optimal solution to the problem of conclusively allocating identities”, ensures DESKO’s CEO Zahn. The MELOS MDN software provides all the required interfaces for the laboratory systems, physician software, clinic systems, health authorities and the Robert Koch Institute. The Corona Warn app is already integrated. An option is also available to access your own results in PDF form on the website www.corona-befund.de . Handwritten records and manual allocation are thus finally a thing of the past. The testing stations have been successfully tested in live operation and are already being used at mid-sized companies and international company groups. 

About DESKO: For nearly 30 years, DESKO has been developing hardware to read documents such as IDs, bar codes, magnetic strips and chip cards. Applications range from simply reading or visually recording data all the way to full authentication. DESKO products are sold in more than 100 countries. More than 250,000 devices assist employees worldwide in their daily work at airports, in banks, government offices or security companies. The company's headquarters is located in Bayreuth. Additional branches and offices are located in the USA, Mexico, Singapore and France. 

About MELOS: MELOS is been a leader in innovation and one of the market leaders for laboratory software for more than 30 years. The company develops highly scalable network laboratory systems and offers process modeling and optimization for digital health and networking projects. Clients of MELOS include network laboratories, clinics, laboratory physicians and laboratory associations as well as industrial laboratories and specialized laboratories. The relevant products are certified by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. The company with its headquarters in the Bavarian-Swabian town of Gessertshausen and a branch office in Berlin has 47 employees.

To request our brochure “Mobile Covid Tests”, just send an email to: marketing@desko.de

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