PENTA Scanner® SDK Features

To fully access all PENTA Scanner features, the scanner must be integrated into your application via the Scan API page. This API is part of the device SDK that is delivered along with the device. This package also includes DLLs and a demo application to test all functions of the PENTA scanner.

The PENTA Scanner SDK includes:

User Guidance

Motion Detection

This feature ensures that images are only processed if they are not blurred.

Live Image Transmission

Shows the user where the document is currently positioned on the scan window in real time.

Basic Document Verifications

B900 Ink Check

Detect if the MRZ was printed with B900 Ink.

ICAO MRZ Compliance

Check if the MRZ complies with ICAO guidelines.

Checksum Verification

Determine whether the MRZ is logically structured and “authentic”.

UV Dullness Check

Use the integrated UV light source to check if there is material on the data page that is not visible to the naked eye (UV security printing).

Age Verification

Determine the age of the ID card holder. Up to three age limits can be set.

Document Expiry Date

Verify if the document is still valid or if it has already expired.



Brilliant image quality without the interference of glare dots on the document scan.

Document Type Detection

Determine what kind of document is scanned using shape detection.

PENTA Scanner® SDK Features