NEURONIC DOCUMENT AUTHENTICATION provides exactly the data you need to authenticate ID documents. Preventing identity fraud will only become easier if the methods for ID verification also become simpler. Find out what data you really need for identity verification here.



NEURONIC DOCUMENT AUTHENTICATION provides exactly the data you need for the authentication of ID documents.

For a reliable result when checking ID documents, not all conceivable checks need to be carried out, but only the right ones. With the "Neuronic Document Authentication" method, DESKO can offer this highly targeted procedure as a solution. In addition to maximum flexibility, customers also benefit from reduced data volumes.

Databases with document templates are without doubt indispensable for the verification of international ID documents. This is because they contain the necessary expert knowledge on the structure of the documents and all security features. However, the customer benefit is not only measured in terms of volume.

Efficient networking instead of a flood of data

Managing large databases is complex and expensive. This is also reflected in the price of the solution. Customers are therefore financing an administrative apparatus that very few people use to its full extent.

From our 30 years of experience, we know that customers generally have a very clear idea of the optimum workflow for their use case. This also applies to the quantity and nature of the documents to be checked. The "Neuronic Document Authentication" method developed by DESKO is based on these insights. It does not focus on individual components, such as databases, but on the customer's desire for the greatest possible flexibility and independence.

Own method puts customer benefits at the centre

With Neuronic Document Authentication, we at DESKO describe a unique method for checking and analysing international ID documents.

The special feature of this method is the flexible and adaptive networking of hardware and software modules, which - supplemented by DESKO's knowledge from 30 years of document verification and market experience - achieve an extraordinarily high level of verification results. Example: The manipulation of chips in ICAO-compliant, biometric passports can be recognised 100%.

Machine learning and neural networks accelerate processes

Put simply, our method involves a workflow that represents a network of individual functional components. These components include, for example, data capture with our hardware (image capture, biometric data, etc.), clear user guidance (placing the document, turning the document, etc.) and image analysis. The latter uses machine learning principles such as artificial neural networks.

This software architecture can be adapted to customer requirements. The advantage for our customers lies in the provision of the complete workflow, which can be integrated but no longer needs to be implemented by the customer.

The provided workflow includes the control of the hardware (DESKO ID scanner), user interaction and the analysis of the captured data (images, text, biometric data).

Simple licence model for self-determined adaptation

Combined with a smart licence model, it enables customers to adapt the solution to their needs - and therefore only pay for what is actually used. With this symbiosis of hardware and software, DESKO is setting international standards in the verification of identities and ID documents.

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Neuronic Document Authentication