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Automated Patient Check-in by DESKO and KIOSK Information Systems facilitates work in hospitals and practices

In hospitals, medical practices and care facilities, high-quality patient service and correct data collection at the reception area are as important as reliable vsitor registration. To accelerate workflows and empower patients with tasks like check-in, appointments, payments and accessing records, DESKO and KIOSK Information Systems developed a smart and functional self-service kiosk solution for the healthcare industry enabling automated patient check-in.

Within the kiosk, the DESKO ICON Scanner® is included simplifying the patient data collection process. It captures the information from the health or ID card and transfers it via a software to patient records or registration forms in a matter of seconds without spelling mistakes or transposed letters. Offered in a the modern self-service solution, these advantages even increase.

The key benefits of automated patient check-in at a glance:

- Reduced error rate due to automated collection of patient data

- Reduced risk of fraud due to verification of patient identity

- Improved efficiency for staff at the reception desk

- Reduced waiting times and no queues for patients

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Automated Patient Check-in by DESKO and KIOSK Information Systems