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DESKO and Latin ID develop a solution for authentication of ID documents and capture of biometric features

Technical solution prevents fraud through identity theft at Mexican registries.

DESKO and Latin ID develop a solution for verification of ID documents and capture of biometric features at Mexican registries

Fraud through identity theft is a growing problem that the Mexican company Latin® ID would like to fight. For this purpose, a solution has been developed to verify the authenticity of ID documents and capture the biometric features of customers. The tool has been used at 1,852 registries across Mexico. This tool makes it possible to establish the “unmistakable identity” of each user.

DESKO’s versatile ID document scanners are a central component of this technical solution since they enable effective and accurate authentication of documents and offer extreme durability. The devices are very easy to use: the employee simply places the document on the scan window, the device captures ID and image data under three light sources within seconds (visible, infrared and UV light) along with the data stored on the RFID chip of biometric passports. The captured data forms an ideal foundation for efficient and precise verification of a customer’s identity.

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About Latin ID:
Latin ID ® was founded in Mexico City in 1988. The company excels through its ability to integrate various technologies in order to offer holistic solutions for each specific customer problem. All solutions are developed in-house by a team of highly-specialized engineers in the field of security and information technology. This allows for high-quality customer service and the ability to react to new needs within a very short time.

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