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DESKO BCR 504 pro

Efficient scanner for simplified access control

The DESKO BCR 504 pro is the right solution for barcode-based access control. It reliably checks barcode tickets, boarding passes and admission tickets. In this way, it delivers not only efficiency and security but also reduced waiting times and optimized service. Thanks to its tried-and-tested technology with optimal reading performance, the device captures 1D and 2D codes on paper and displays. An optional NFC module expands the range of services and enables contactless reading of smartphones, smart watches, tablets and chip cards with NFC. Invest in a future-proof IT infrastructure and guarantee convenient, smooth access for your visitors and customers with the BCR 504 pro.

DESKO BCR 504 pro

Maximum flexibility for barcode scanning

The BCR 504 pro is intuitive to use, extremely user friendly and delivers reliable reading results – for any kind of source, from 1D barcodes or 2D codes to paper tickets or electronic tickets.

DESKO BCR 504 pro

The ticket is placed on the extra-large scan window with the barcode facing down, or for contactless scanning it is held over the scan window. In a matter of seconds, the device captures the 1D or 2D code and transfers the data to your ticket system. In this way, a large quantity of tickets, admission passes or boarding passes can be checked rapidly.

Quick and easy barcode scanning

whether paper or digital display

The scanner reads and transfers the data captured from scanned 1D and 2D codes in a variety of media:


e.g. printed tickets and admission passes on paper



Smart watches

1D and 2D barcode scanner for desktop use or installation

Thanks to its solid construction and compact, flat design, the BCR 504 pro is an ideal device for modern access control – whether at airports, events and exhibitions or for customer service points. It is perfectly suited for desktop use, or you can easy install it in kiosks or counters. Connection is provided via USB port. With this barcode scanner, we are offering you a customized product solution for intelligent, sophisticated access control – of course, with tested quality and “Made in Germany”.

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    DESKO BCR 504 pro



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