DESKO ID scanner verifies vaccination certificate and ID document within seconds

COVID access control - fully automatic and secure

The verification of COVID-vaccination certificates challenges retailers, caterers, event organizers and many other companies: in a first step, the certificate needs to be scanned by a responsible staff member. Afterwards, the personal data must be cross-checked against a valid ID document. The latter step is crucial for a secure access control. However, it is time-consuming and error-prone. Both steps are solved by scanner expert DESKO with a proven ID scanner: the device verifies the QR code and matches it with the ID card in just one workflow, in a few seconds.

“Here, we rely on the proven technology we also use at the TSA checkpoints in the USA“, DESKO CEO, Alexander Zahn explains. “Our scanners are specifically designed for ID data capture and processing. With the introduction of the COVID access control, we trained our scanners to capture data from vaccination certificates as well. In a first step, the QR codes are verified which means that they are compared with the valid certificates of the European database. In a second step, the ID card data are captured. If the data match, i.e., vaccination certificate holder and ID card are identical, the LEDs on the scanner turn green. This process takes only a few seconds. Guests do not take notice of the complex verification process in the background - they just enjoy a fast and secure entrance.”

An automated access control not only saves time: the security staff also do not need to touch the visitor´s mobile phone or ID card and can keep their hands free. Those who have their mobile phone or printed QR code and the ID card ready, can pass the entrance control in just a few seconds: first, the QR Code is briefly held on the scan window. Afterwards, the ID card, driver´s license or passport is placed. For organizers of concerts or sport events it may also be interesting that barcode tickets can be checked by the scanner, too. Via a maintenance interface, the devices can be adjusted to COVID access regulations.

The DESKO solution has already successfully been in use: Basketball Bundesliga team medi bayreuth manages the access to the hall with DESKO scanners. There are discussions with other sports clubs on how to manage corona compliant security concepts with scanner control. The gastronomy in Bayreuth, the location of the market leader DESKO, also benefits from the company´s know-how. To implement the COVID access regulations quickly and easily, the company provided several devices. Exhibitions such as the Materna Aviation Forum in Hamburg use the DESKO solution for entrance control. Airports have also expressed interest in the efficient concept.

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Passport and ID scanner

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Passport and ID scanner

DESKO PENTA Scanner<sup>®</sup> Block

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