New DESKO scanner with forensic image resolution thwarts forgers

ID-1 GO is the first model to deliver laboratory quality in a desktop device

World market leader DESKO astonished the sector by introducing an ID scanner that delivers a whole new level of image quality. For the first time ever, the German technology company has achieved forensic image resolution in a compact desktop device. With this product, DESKO is launching a first-class tool to detect forgeries when verifying ID documents in credit card format. The device is specially designed for international use in government offices and for all areas related to KYC (Know Your Customer) applications.

The revolutionary step of the DESKO ID-1 GO is its resolution: The new scanner delivers images with a resolution of 1300 dpi, which is up to twice the quality of comparable devices.

These smart optics are the result of the mid-sized company’s renowned engineering expertise, explains DESKO Managing Director Alexander Zahn:

“Optics are our core area of expertise. We achieved these ground-breaking results by constantly developing the individual components in our Innovation Lab. We are now taking a level of performance that was once only possible in forensic labs and bringing that to desktop devices: Very high resolution makes it possible to draw immediate conclusions about the printing technology of the ID document, which is one of the key criteria for identifying manipulated and forged documents. The zoom factor reveals even extremely small details in the microprint. These are precisely the areas where forgers reach their limits, so anomalies here can be identified quickly.”

The DESKO ID-1 GO is a scanner specially designed for ID1 cards. ID1 is a term used by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for ID documents in credit card format, for instance identity cards or driver’s licenses.

The scanner generates multiple images of both the front and back side of the ID1 card using high-performance sensors, and it achieves this in a single process:

“That’s where the new device gets its name: With just one work step – in one go – images are generated under visible, infrared and UV light. Six high-resolution images under three light sources in a matter of seconds. This hugely facilitates and accelerates verification processes”, asserts Alexander Zahn.

The ingenious single-step process makes the device extremely user-friendly. The user only has to introduce the ID1 card into the reader. A motor then automatically moves the document past the sensors. Depending on the data sources available on the ID1 card, all available data is read out and provided to an application via an API interface.

The scans serve to verify the authenticity of the document and are also used for data transfer. For example, the scanner can perform OCR detection using the infrared images or read a barcode printed on the document using the white light images.  ID-1 GO also provides the option to read a magnetic strip, contact-based or contactless chip, or to read eIDs from a smartphone using RFID or Bluetooth.

The ID-1 GO is also setting new standards when it comes to design: Its futuristic look with subtle LED signals and clear linear contours make the compact precision scanner a perfect device for desktop use or installation.

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