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DESKO IDenty chrom®

Flexible swipe reader for access control and security control

Are you looking for an intelligent solution for fast and secure data capture? With the DESKO IDenty chrom® we offer you a flexible swipe reader for versatile security applications. From access control to visitor registration - our innovative swipe reader supports you significantly in all security-relevant processes. It ensures a smooth workflow and accelerates work processes in the check-in area, at bank counters, entrances to casinos and gaming arcades, and in other service areas at the point of sale and in the food service sector.

DESKO IDenty chrom® mobile
DESKO IDenty chrom® mobile

Powerful and reliable

The next generation of data capture

Both document readers include a highly efficient OCR reader (Optical Character Recognition) as a standard feature. This integrated module for optical character recognition is suitable for reading out documents such as passports or IDs. Simply pass the ID documents through the bidirectional reading slot. This allows you to capture all personal data from the machine-readable zone (MRZ). Using your software, this data is then transferred to your PC or your tablet.

DESKO IDenty chrom®
DESKO IDenty chrom®

As an optional feature, the reader can be additionally equipped with a magnetic strip reader, for short: MSR, which is also positioned in the swipe slot. This allows you to capture cards with magnetic strips such as bank cards, credit cards or customer cards. The IDenty chrom can be optionally expanded to include a chip card reader and RFID module to read biometric passports.

      All readable documents at a glance

      Depending on the chosen features, the compact swipe reader can read, save and transfer data from the following documents:


      for the machine-readable zone, e.g. passports, ID cards and visas

      Magnetic strip reader

      e.g. customer cards and service carts for detecting customer data, frequent flyer cards and credit cards or bank cards

      Chip card reader

      Chip cards and smart cards such as credit cards and bank cards as well as insurance cards

      RFID module

      e.g. biometric passports (e-passports)


      Discover our flexible document reader in two different version, protected against dust and spraying water in accordance with IP54.

      The advantages for you at a glance

      • Innovative technology

        The reader includes an OCR module as a standard feature and can be optionally expanded to include a magnetic strip reader (MSR), chip card reader and RFID module.

      • Waterproof and protected against dust

        IDenty chrom is IP54 certified for protection against water and dust.

        The IP54 rating only applies to the standard version of the DESKO IDenty chrom®. If the device is equipped with the following features, it is not protected against water and dust:

        • Chip card module
        • Cable outlet bottom
      • Bidirectional swipe slot

        The documents to be read can drawn through the reading slot either from right to left or vice versa. This makes the device ideal for right-handed or left-handed operators.

      • Compact design

        The device features a modern design and compact construction.

      • Color selection

        Whether in classic black or the colors of your corporate design, the readers are available in every possible color.


      • Standard equipment
        • OCR technology: bi-directional swipe slot for all documents, passports and VISA with machine readable zone (MLZ)
        • USB bus powered: no additional external power supply required
      • Optional equipment
        • Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR): bi-directional swipe slot for all cards and documents with magnetic stripe; 3-track
        • RFID module: for reading biometric passports
        • Chip card reader: chip card module, for reading asynchronous chip cards
        • Monitor holder
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        You can find more information in our data sheets. Download now!

        DESKO IDenty chrom®  (pdf, 330.1 kB)

        DESKO IDenty chrom® - Airport  (pdf, 331.3 kB)


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