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Waterproof and dustproof keyboard with integrated reading unit

Keyboards don’t get any smarter than this! The DESKO NEPTUN chrom® with integrated reading unit is sure to impress with the latest technology and helps you to master all kinds of challenges at the workplace. Whether for airport check-in, registration at the doctor’s office, at bank counters, when scanning customer cards in shops or for access control at cruise ship terminals, this innovative keyboard reliably simplifies and accelerates document capture at counters, entrances and other service areas.


Multi-function and featuring the latest technology

NEPTUN chrom is much more than a typical keyboard. As the preferred keyboard of airlines worldwide, it is used at many international airports. Apart from the typical keys including numeric keypad, it is equipped with an integrated swipe reader featuring an OCR camera (Optical Character Recognition) as a standard option. This camera for optical character recognition is suitable for reading out documents such as passports or IDs. In addition, NEPTUN chrom can optionally be equipped with the tried-and-tested magnetic strip reading method to read frequent flyer cards, customer cards, credit cards or bank cards. Other additional features are available for integration such as a chip card reader and/or an RFID module with integrated antenna for reading biometric passports, credit cards etc.

Passengers and boarding staff at airport counter

Despite its multi-functional design, the sturdy NEPTUN chrom is very compact and fits in working environments with limited space, for instance on tight counters for airport check-in as well as bank counters.

    The whole range of digital document capture

    Thanks to OCR technology and an optional chip card and magnetic strip reader, the NEPTUN chrom can capture a variety of documents and cards:

    Magnetic strip cards

    e.g. customer cards, frequent flyer cards and credit cards or bank cards

    Tickets with magnetic strip

    e.g. admission tickets

    OCR camera

    for the machine-readable zone, e.g. passports, ID cards and visas

    Chip cards

    e.g. credit and debit cards or insurance cards

    In contrast to pure swipe readers such as the DESKO IDenty chrom®, NEPTUN chrom allows for a wide range of applications thanks to the efficient combination of a modern keyboard layout with full-travel keys and numeric keypad as well as a data reader. In addition to reading documents and cards, data can be input using the keys.

    Dustproof and waterproof in accordance with IP54

    Apart from its excellent functionality and exceptional ease of use, the compact NEPTUN chrom is also uniquely sturdy and is certified according to the protective class IP54. This means that the entire keyboard including keys and reading slot is protected against water and dust.

    DESKO NEPTUN chrom®

    Accidentally spill a glass of water on the keyboard? No problem – the waterproof keyboard will remain fully functional for use.

    The device’s sturdy construction prevents water from getting into the electronics. Disinfectants are no problem either, since the keys are disinfectable. Protection against water and dust gives this compact keyboard a long service life. In addition, IP54 certification ensures reduced downtimes: the reliable NEPTUN chrom supports you around the clock with your work. All this makes the disinfectable, dustproof and water-protected keyboard the top choice especially in airports and other check-in areas.


    Discover NEPTUN chrom, our dustproof and waterproof keyboard featuring intelligent technology.

    The advantages for you at a glance

    • The latest technology

      The keyboard is equipped with an OCR camera as a standard feature. Depending on the equipment chosen, it also acts as a chip card reader, magnetic strip reader or RFID reader.

    • Protected against water and dust

      The sturdy keyboard including keys, numeric keypad and reading slot is protected against water and dust according to the IP54 certification.

      The IP54 rating only applies to the standard version of the DESKO NEPTUN chrom®. If the keyboard is equipped with the following features, it is not protected against water and dust:

      • Chip card module
      • USB AUX port
    • Bidirectional swipe reader

      The sturdy keyboard’s extreme ease of use is evident from features such as the bidirectional swipe reader. The documents to be read can drawn through the reading slot either from right to left or vice versa. This makes the device ideal for right-handed or left-handed operators.

    • Full-travel keys

      The clear keyboard layout and standard equipment with full-travel keys facilitates manual data input and ensures low error rates.

    • Increased security standard

      The optional encrypted-read head function offers the option of encrypting the data while reading, so it is recommended particularly for credit card transactions.

    • Simple upkeep, maintenance and repair

      The sturdy keyboard is waterproof and disinfectable, with an impressively long service life. Even the layout and lettering on the keys are highly resistant thanks to an elaborate injection molding process.

    • Stylish design

      The keyboard features compact construction, ergonomic design and a modern key layout.

    • Customizable

      Whether the classic black and white or in the colors of your corporate design, the keyboard can be manufactured in many colors. Of course, the keys are available with additional characters and in various language versions and layouts.

    DESKO NEPTUN chrom®


    • Standard equipment

      NEPTUN chrom boasts the latest technology and impressive standard equipment:

      • OCR technology: Bidirectional swipe reader for all ICAO-compliant documents and all cards with a machine-readable zone (MRZ)
      • USB bus powered: No additional external power supply required; the keyboard can be connected to all PC workstations via USB
    • Optional equipment
      • Magnetic strip reader (MSR): Bidirectional swipe reader for all cards and documents with magnetic strips; 3-track;
      • RFID module: To read biometric passports
      • China ID reading module: An integrated RFID module specifically for reading Chinese IDs
      • Encrypted read head: For encrypted data transmission, for example for credit card transactions
      • Integrated chip card reader: Chip card reader, for example for reading credit cards
    • Download

      You can find more information in our data sheet. Download now!

      Datasheet DESKO NEPTUN chrom  (pdf, 577.1 kB)

      Datasheet DESKO NEPTUN chrom Travel  (pdf, 645.7 kB)


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