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DESKO PENTA Scanner® Cube

Powerful full-page scanner for installation

Are you looking for a built-in device that offers all the advantages of DESKO PENTA technology yet boasts easy options for integration into self-service solutions? With the DESKO PENTA Scanner® Cube, we have developed an innovative OEM device for flexible installation in e-gates kiosks and counters. Equipped with the latest technology, the scanner achieves extremely rapid and reliable reading results for capturing passports, IDs, driver’s licenses and other identity documents. As a result, the PENTA Scanner Cube is ideal for visitor controls, airport or hotel check-in and border or access controls.

DESKO PENTA Scanner® Cube

Sturdy scanner for integration in kiosks and counters

The PENTA Scanner Cube owes its name to its striking cubist design. Its compact construction allows for easy installation even in the smallest counters or self-service kiosks. The scanner is also extremely sturdy: The scan window is composed of scratch-proof safety glass and the entire device is protected against dust and water according to the IP54 certification standards. Thanks to its ease of use, evident from the large scan area and direct user feedback, this scanner is ideally suited for your self-service applications. The PENTA Scanner Cube features a buzzer for an acoustic signal as well as multicolor LEDs that provide easily visible feedback about reading results.

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The latest technologies for optimal scanning results

The PENTA Scanner® Cube is the perfect OEM solution for obtaining secure and fast reading results. Equipped with proven OCR technology for optical character recognition, it captures the machine-readable zone (MRZ) of IDs, passports and other documents. Would you also like to read barcodes? An optional barcode module for reading barcodes on paper, smartphones and tables can supplement the equipped functions. Additional optional features like RFID and NFC modules for contactless recording of biometric passports as well as smartphones, tablets and chip cards with NFC make the scanner a future-proof application that ensures efficient data readout.


The products in our PENTA Scanner family are highly flexible devices that can be configured entirely to suit your needs – the PENTA Scanner Cube is the perfect choice for integration into your kiosk. Discover all the available options for our tried-and-tested PENTA platform here.

Secure ID control with authentication

Would you like not only to scan documents but also to check their authenticity? Stay on the safe side, protect yourself against identity theft with our effective and affordable solutions! Combine the OEM device with DESKO software solutions for document verification or authentication software from other providers. When combined with the optional feature of UV light, this equipment allows you to reveal hidden security characteristics reliably and in a matter of seconds.

  • DESKO PENTA Scanner<sup>®</sup> Cube
  • DESKO PENTA Scanner<sup>®</sup> Cube
  • DESKO PENTA Scanner<sup>®</sup> Cube

    The advantages for you at a glance

    • Flexible OEM product
    • Easy integration into e-gates, kiosks, counters and other self-service solutions
    • Automated detection of IDs, passports, digital vaccination certificates, driver’s licenses and other identity documents
    • Extra-large scanning window for user-friendly operation
    • High-resolution images of up to 500 dpi
    • Visual and auditory user feedback through LEDs and buzzer
    • Optional features like barcode reader, RFID and NFC module
    • Protected against water and dust according to IP54 standards
    • Scratch-proof safety glass
    DESKO PENTA Scanner® Cube



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