DESKO expands production capacities at its Bayreuth location


DESKO expands production capacities at its Bayreuth location

Starting the new financial year with a solid order situation

For world market leader DESKO, the new financial year is starting off with optimistic forecasts. Due to good demand, the Upper Franconian manufacturer of ID card scanners is expanding its production capacities at the company’s Bayreuth location.

In the production line that was set up at DESKO’s new company building in Bayreuth, the mid-sized company will begin by independently manufacturing its IDenty chrom swipe reader. The scanner is used in access controls and security controls worldwide. In the first stage, approximately 1000 of these devices will be manufactured per month. Additional products are slated to follow. These include the key product NEPTUN chrom, a special keyboard used by international airlines and airports.

DESKO’s Managing Director Alexander Zahn sums up the advantages: “These decisions were motivated not just by the consideration of reducing fixed costs, but also the considerable synergy effects: The new production line is located right next to the Development department, which encourages communication and monitoring. Because the Logistics department is also directly connected, we also maintain short communication paths when it comes to shipping. But the biggest advantage is the increased flexibility and scalable delivery capacity. We store products on site and can also handle small-scale orders promptly and efficiently.

DESKO runs its development and production exclusively in Germany. “Made in Germany” is part of the business philosophy of this technology firm. Apart from in-house production, that’s why DESKO also relies on its established partnerships with local EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) providers.

With these new production facilities, every DESKO device will be manufactured on its own production line. This means that the production concept is based on four pillars, i.e. four locations. At the moment, this improves the reaction times for pandemic-related downtimes and covers an increasing production demand in the future as well.

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