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DESKO Health Certificate Check

Check vaccination or test status: with only ONE device and in ONE secure process

The rules for the corona compliant access control must regularly be adapted to the pandemic situation. This is the only way to ensure a safe and secure entry to gastronomy, companies, sports events, concerts and many more.
However, independent from the situation is the process of a safe and reliable check. It includes two essential security factors:


1. Checking the presented vaccination or test certificate

2. Validating the certificate by comparing it with a valid ID document

DESKO Health Certificate Check

Quick, easy and electronical

Our all-in-one solution consisting of a high-performance multifunctional scanner and a user-friendly software does exactly that. You get reliable and comprehensible check results in just one workflow and in one device. In a first step, the worldwide established ID scanner from our DESKO PENTA family decodes and validates the vaccination or test certificate. In a second step, our Health Certificate Check software compares the data stored in the certificate with the data of the ID document: only if both information is identical and the certificate and ID document can be assigned to the ID card holder, the LEDs on the scanner switch to green and your guests, customers, patients or staff members can enter. The software shows abnormalities and irregularities on the laptop so that you can react accordingly.

3 simple steps …

for a corona compliant access control within seconds

The usual vaccination or test certificate check is error-prone, labor intensive and time-consuming: because after the verification of the QR code an additional visual check of the corresponding ID document is required. The longer the queues of waiting people, the higher the pressure on the security staff. The DESKO solution can perform exactly these steps fully automatic and almost free of errors. The security staff have their hands free and only interact if there are any abnormalities.

DESKO HCC - scan QR code

1. Scan QR code

Scan the QR code from mobile devices or paper within seconds. Just place the code on the scan area of the device.

DESKO HCC - Scan ID document

2. Scan ID document

Afterwards, the ID card, passport or driver´s license are placed on the scan window to compare the captured certificate data with the data on the ID document.

DESKO HCC - Result display

3. Display of result

After the check/comparison of the scanned data, you can see the result on the display of your laptop or PC.

Security for every industry

DESKO Health Certificate Check

Counterfeit documents can cause considerable consequences and enormous damages in serious cases. Meticulous document verification minimizes the risks of identity theft, money laundering, theft and other cases of fraud. ID | Analyze provides you with a reliable tool to simplify document checks. The combination of hardware and software has already proven its utility in many sectors and is successfully applied in the following areas, for example:

Waitress in a restaurant


Despite the access control due to the pandemic, spending a nice evening in the restaurant is still possible. Take the easy way out for you and your guests: using our Health Certifikate Check system you can check the QR code of the vaccination or test certificate, validate your guest´s ID card and compare the data of both documents within seconds. This way, your guests can be seated at the table even faster and enjoy the evening while you can be sure to comply with all legal requirements. You know your guests well? You can adjust our solution manually so that the visual check of the ID document is cancelled and only the guests´vaccination or test certificates will be verified.

Audience at a concert

Event Industry

In the event industry, the requirements for access due to the pandemic have to be adhered to as well. At the entrance of sports events or concerts, the COVID certificates and ID documents of all visitors have to be checked – a real challenge for the organizer. Especially at large events, queues can quickly develop. As a consequence, the impatience of the guests and the pressure on the staff at the entrance grows.
Using our intelligent Health Certificate Check solution you can avoid frustration with both staff members and guests: the system verifies the data stored in the QR code of the certificate and compares it with the ID card data in just a few seconds. Waiting times are efficiently reduced and the entrance control will be significantly optimized in compliance with legal requirements.

People going into a building

Public buildings and institutions

In sensitive facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes, a reliable control of corona regularities is essential. Besides the vaccination certificate, visitors and staff members sometimes even have to present a negative Covid-19 test. Checking both takes time and is error-prone. If an error occurs during the control, this can have serious consequences.
Protect your patients and employees with our Health Certificate Check all-in-one solution and ensure that only authorized peope can access your facility. The combination of scanner and software is extremely user-friendly and secure. Welcome your guests – even in critical times.

The advantages for you at a glance

  • Quick and secure check of certificates and ID documents
  • Safer than manual visual inspection
  • 1 device for 2 document types – barcodes and ID documents
  • No data storage as standard
  • Data transfer in applications possible
  • Scans EU and international vaccination and test certificates
  • Attractive price
DESKO Health Certificate Check



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