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DESKO ID Collect

Software for automatic data transfer

Are you looking for a proven software that reliable and efficiently supports you and your employees with personal data collection? With DESKO ID Collect, we have developed a software tool for automated data transfer. In combination with our compatible DESKO devices, ID Collect captures the data from the scanned document and delivers the information to your existing application. This allows you to transfer the data that is read out directly into forms, customer files and contracts etc. within your system. This saves time, optimizes your work processes and reduces error rates in data collection.

DESKO ID Collect

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Secure data collection from identity documents

This automatic and error-free data collection is based on the highly reliable technology developed by DESKO for reading the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) of an ID using a DESKO scanner. ID Collect identifies all data in the visual zone (VIZ) and machine-readable zone (MRZ) on national and international identity documents. The software supports the following documents:

ID cards

Driver’s licenses



Optimize work processes for ease of use

The software can be easily and quickly combined with your application thanks to the easily integrated Software Developer Kit (SDK). The software provides your employees with reliable support when recording scanned documents, retrieves all data and automatically transfers the data to the designated fields in your system.


Spare yourself the laborious process of copying IDs and manually typing personal data on the PC, which is often accompanied by errors – the ID Collect software accelerates your work processes and thus optimizes your customer service.

And this is how DESKO ID Collect works

You place an ID document on one of our compatible DESKO scanners: DESKO PENTA Scanner, DESKO ICON Scanner, ID-1 GO. The scanner creates the images from the document under different light sources. DESKO ID Collect now reads the data from the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) of the created image and provides this data to your application. Your application can pick up the provided data and, for example, transfer it directly and completely digitally into a form or a contract.

Fast and easy - without tedious and error-prone typing.

DESKO ID Collect - Workflow

Flexible data transfer

for many sectors

In many sectors, personal data collection is part of daily work routines. Whether visitors, customers, guests, patients or employees – Do you need to collect and save personal data? With ID Collect, this process can be carried out electronically. The software transfers the scanned data to your system in a matter of seconds and without errors – whether for customer files, patient records, registration forms, contracts or other forms. Our tried-and-tested software tool has been used successfully in the following sectors:

Police & Public Authorities


Hotels & Restaurants

Lawyers & Notaries

Companies & Businesses

Banking & Insurance

Healthcare & Nursing


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